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Laser Teeth Whitening (Professional Teeth Whitening) - Akron, OH

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About Laser Teeth Whitening

Many of the indulgences people enjoy to eat and drink (coffee, tea, sodas, candy, berries, tobacco, wine, and more) can stain the enamel and cause a dingy, yellow smile. In recent years, multiple enamel whitening products have appeared in stores, but none of them are as effective and fast as laser teeth whitening by our dentists at DentalWorks - South Plaza in Akron, OH. In under one hour, years of stains can be removed using safe, advanced dental laser light allowing teeth to be about eight shades brighter. Our dentists can customize and control the procedure to help each patient safely achieve their whitening goals and keep their results longer.

What to Expect

Laser teeth whitening is done by our dentists at their office in Akron, OH, and while anesthesia is not needed, sedation choices are available for patients with anxiety or a strong gag-reflex. For maximized results, the teeth will be polished and cleaned before the procedure, then the enamel will be dried and a barrier will be applied over the gums. After the teeth and gums are ready, our dentists will brush on the whitening agent to the the teeth and then activate the gel with a special light. Once the whitening gel is triggered, stains will be removed from the teeth for a few minutes until our dentists take off the gel. Based on the patient's current teeth color and whitening needs, the gel will be applied up to three times. Once the whitening service is done, our dentists will take off the and gum protection before fully rinsing the mouth.

Treatment Aftercare

After the procedure is completed, patients should avoid foods and beverages that stain plus tobacco products as much as possible to maintain the results of their in-office whitening procedure. Some patients may get some sensitivity after the procedure, which should be talked about with our dentists if it lasts longer than 3 - 5 days after the service. Patients should continue to follow a good home dental care routine and visit our dentists in Akron, OH twice a year for a professional cleaning and once a year for a exam to minimize future discoloration. With good dental care, the results of a laser whitening treatment can last for several years and be touched-up as needed.

Insurance Coverage

In-office teeth whitening procedures are usually not covered by dental insurance because it is an elective service, so DentalWorks - South Plaza can confirm coverage before discussing expenses. DentalWorks - South Plaza in Akron, OH offers many payment options and financing plans to pay for procedures like laser whitening.

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A Younger-Looking Smile

To remove years of teeth discolorations in a single visit to our dental office in Akron, OH, ask about laser teeth whitening for a fast, efficient procedure to whiten your smile several shades. Instead of spending months with generic teeth whitening strips and other products, safely brighten your smile in less than an hour with in-office teeth whitening and get a younger, brighter smile you can enjoy right away.

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